Causes & Treatments of Rash around Belly Button

Some pregnant women experience rash around belly button (abdomen area). Even more, it can also happen to any other woman who is not pregnant. Of course, no one wants to experience this. Therefore, we have to know what factors which cause it and how to treat this condition.

Belly button (stomach) skin rash can be caused by different factors. However, you can treat it by your own at home with these useful tips.
itchy red rash on stomach skin rash around lower belly tummy abdomen

What Causes Rash around Belly Button?

There are many factors that may cause rash near belly button. Here are the common causes that you have to know:


Infection is the most common factor. Even more, it can cause vomiting and nausea. It may relate to bacterial infections or fungal infections.

Poor Hygiene

Dirt can also lead to rash around stomach button. If you do not keep your belly button clean, it can cause infection and rash.

Allergic Reaction

This condition may also be caused by allergic reactions such as skin cream, laundry detergent, nickel, etc.


It belongs to autoimmune skin disease that can develop red patches on the skin. It usually makes you feel inflamed & itchy.


It is common that a pregnant woman experience this. However, you have to keep in mind that you cannot scratch the affected area.


Another common cause is menstruation because of the high level of estrogen hormone during the period.
rash on stomach abdomen

How to Treat Belly Button Rash

There are some home remedies that can help you relieve this condition. You can consider the following tips below:

Salt Water

What you need to do is to prepare a cup of warm salt water, and massage the affected area using it. You can use a cotton ball.

Antibacterial Soap

This is the simplest one. You just need to take a bath using an antibacterial soap regularly until it is completely removed.

Tea Tree Oil

The last home remedy is to apply tea tree oil on the affected area. Leave it for 5 minutes and clean it using tissue. Do this routinely.