Causes, Signs & Treatments of Feeling Sick All the Time

You may have ever experienced feeling sick all the time. If you have ever experienced it, you are not alone because many people are also same.

Anyway, you cannot let it happen every day so that you must know the causes, signs and also treatments. Why do i always feel sick? We will discuss it all in this article.

Feeling sick all the time can be caused by different factors. You have to recognize the signs and know how to treat it as it is explained here.

Anxiety Leading to Sick All the Time

why am i sick all the time
One of the factors that cause always feeling sick is anxiety. Usually, it is signed by sweating, increasing heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath, avoiding many situations and trembling or shaking.

In this case, you have to solve the factors that cause anxiety. It may relate to alcohol, drugs, relationship, etc. If it cannot help, you may need to consider psychotherapy. Alternatively, you can meet a doctor to take medications.

Chronic Stress Leading to Always Feeling Sick

If you feel sick everyday, it may also be caused by chronic stress. It can relate to traumatic experiences, shock, etc. Some of the common signs are lack of energy, digestive problems, insomnia, muscle pain, headache, etc.

To treat it, you must solve the factors that cause the stress. Besides, you can also consider doing routine exercises, going for vacation, avoiding job issues, etc.

Lack of Sleep That Causes Always Feeling Sick

always feeling sick and tired all the time
If you do not have enough sleep, you have high risk to experience always feeling sick. The symptoms that often happen are such as depression, frequent infection, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, etc. You can treat it by having enough rest and sleep. Besides, you can also keep away from caffeine.

Actually, there are still some other common factors such as poor diet, dehydration, poor hygiene, alcohol, certain medications, immune condition, etc. Different factors have different symptoms and need different treatments.